For PhD, postdoc positions please contact:
Prof. Alexander Solovev
Email: solovev(AT)fudan.edu.cn; asolovev(AT)gmail.com
Department of Materials Science, Fudan University
220 Handan Road, Shanghai 200433, P. R. China
Tel: +86 159 0194 2809


We search for new talented and motivated students interested to do research at the cutting edge of nanotechnology! We collaborate with top groups including MIT, Harvard, University of Toronto, Max Planck Institute.
Throughout his career Prof. Solovev worked in top groups of distinguished scientists in multidisciplinary fields including David Weitz (Microdroplets, Harvard), Geoff Ozin (pioneer in Nanochemistry, University of Toronto), Katharina Krischer (Chemical Physics far from Equilibrium, TU Munich), Oliver Schmidt (Nanomembranes, IFW Dresden). Our research environment is based on best traditions and conditions to inspire, unleash potential of students, accomplish research projects and contribute to solutions of global challenges. Opportunities in science, research and innovations are unlimited. Join us and your career will be safe!

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