Global Academic Innovation Network

Gainscholar ( is a GLOBAL INNOVATION ACADEMIC PLATFORM    founded by Prof. Alexander A. Solovev, Ms. Irina Lebedeva for individual scholars, universities, experienced engineers, inventors, investors and enterprises. Gainscholar combines database of equipment, expertises from various departments, including materials science, physics, chemistry, mechanical engineering, biology, medicine, information technology and others. Gainscholar develops scientific and innovative projects with concentrations on finding co-authors for publications, fundamental breakthroughs and development of prototypes, which can potentially lead to a technology transfer value. Gainscholar offers an exciting opportunity for scientists to establish strong connection between research labs, innovations, entrepreneurship and encourage students to become an active part of these activities. The aim of the platform is to attract diverse collaborative scientists, students, entrepreneurs, investors and companies to facilitate creativity, cross-disciplinary collaborations and joint development of new commercial products, materials and devices with the help of 1) digital online platform, 2) resources, equipment of local research labs and industrial centers, 3) expertise of local and international industry.
Gainscholar ( combines a concept of a “molecular global coupling" of researchers – it is one of the largest challenges that encourages scientists to think of themselves not as individual researchers, but as the part of a powerful network community capable to solve problems across the fields and industries. Due to lengthy legal, patent, prototyping and manufacturing processes it is not obvious how to start from an idea and turn it into a successful product, device or a machine. Gainscholar offers opportunities for scientists to establish trustful collaborations to find broader resources for transformation of ideas into solutions of significant challenges. The Gainscholar cultivates an online environment that connects required expertise: inventors, investors, mentors, entrepreneurs, academia and industry, private equity firms and venture capital. Entrepreneurs, investors and companies then can help with commercialization of IP, licensing of products or creation of joint spin-offs in collaborative agreements. It will enable immediate financial benefits for further developments, expertise of large companies include solutions of important issues as capital, large scale production, regulations, taxes, intellectual rights, markets and others.
As a result we plan to create 1) the largest database of equipment, expertise and resources for innovations; 2) multidisciplinary multiscale collaborations for solutions of higher impact problems; 3) enrichment of students’ experience and preparation of next leaders in science and engineering; 4) academic excellence: higher number of high quality papers, better rankings of universities; 5) Academic events/ meetings: elevator pitches with investors, start-ups and large companies; 6) Clusters: inclusive foundations of collective scholarly activities by research subject that foster news, conferences and the sharing of ideas. Gainscholar promotes education and scholarship, where students are engaged with startup community that is associated with research and innovation providing a model for other universities all around the world, where entrepreneurship is included as a fundamental part of the curriculum. By better understanding the way innovation works, leaders, academics, and policy makers can more effectively focus their efforts to promote it.

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